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My name is Carolyn Coke and I would like to welcome you to my website. I am a Note Investor & an Independent Agent of LegalShield and David Allen Capital. I have been helping individuals, families and businesses with getting access to an attorney & the protection they need since 2015.  I also help business owners with capital that they may not be eligible for through a traditional bank. I am passionate about this industry and love sharing with others how they too can become Independent Agents.  No matter the economy, there is always an opportunity to create flexibility, solve a need, and have no income limitations.  I love what I do, having options to create a lifestyle of time & financial freedom became my prime essentials.  I do hope to open the minds of many to join me in any of my ventures. Feel free to write to me in the box above to inquire on becoming an independent agent of any of my services below. I do love customers so any referrals are also welcomed.

get cash now for your note!

As a Note Investor, I look for privately held notes, also known as (seller-carry back mortgages, promissory note, or trust deed) and offer cash for all or part of those future payments. We want to help you turn future payments into cash today. There are many reasons property owners may need to sell their notes. Click the button below for more details.

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Worry Less Live More

As an Independent Associate of LegalShield I Can Help With....

Legal Services

Unlimited consultations, letters, phone calls, Wills, POA, contract and document review up to 15 pages, 24/7 emergency access to an attorney and so much more....

Identity Theft Protection

Protecting you and your family from data breaches, malware, hacking and all the new schemes Cybercriminals come up with. Keep your private data safe. 

Small Businesses

Helping small business owners with business legal matters, contract review, debt collection letters, legal forms and other services including trial defense.


Tragic Accident Representation, License reinstatement, moving violations, DOT and Non-Moving Violations, Personal Injury, Property damage, CSA Consultation and all other transportation related legal work.

When Banks Say No, We Say Yes...

Unlike banks, we judge by the health of your business based on the cashflow not the credit score.  Our in-depth understanding of small businesses enables you to get funds you need quickly, to buy inventory, buy new equipment or launch a marketing campaign. We make the process simple with our minimum  qualifications, same day approval and depending on your needs same day funding. Click below to get a quote, learn about our customer financing and other products available to small business owners.

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